Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ready...steady...BAKE! #1 PANCAKES!!!!! ^^

I'm on half term so I decided to make pancakes for breakfast this morning (yay! :D) The recipe I use is one that I got out of the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food book, it's called "One-cup pancakes". It's SUPER easy and delicious so I decided to share it!

A mug (one that you can use as a measurement)
Plain Flour (if you want pancakes that are like crepes)  or Self-raising flour (if you want them to be thicker- "American" style)
1 Egg
A bit of sugar (not in the actual recipe but I prefer to sweeten the batter slightly)
And whatever topping to you like...(sugar and lemon, nutella, golden syrup, fruit etc.)

1. Use the mug to measure out the flour and then the milk, adding them to a large bowl. The recipe suggests to use the whole mug for 4 people, so for one I tend to use between half/a quarter of the mug (I'm greedy ^^) which usually makes around 4 mid sized pancakes. As long as the quantities of flour and milk are the same the recipe will work :) Then add the egg and sugar and stir until the batter is smooth.

Mix mix mix mix...

2. Using a ladle (I find it easier) pour a bit of the batter into a mid-heat pan (not too hot otherwise the outside will burn before the inside is properly cooked). Feel free to flip them ;D I never do though, I'm too clumsy/scared to risk having to scrap my pancake off the ceiling...

This is how the underside should appear.

3. Once you've made all your pancakes, make your topping :) The topping I had was natural yogurt mixed with a bit of golden syrup, with sliced banana and a dribble of lime juice ^^

The finished product ^^

I was feeling artistic :)

I hope you enjoyed that! I want a make sure I offer variety on my blog so I think putting recipes on here is a good way to achieve that ^^ Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions of what I could do next or any review/tutorials you want done, thank you- I'm having so much fun making this

Lots of love, Laura xx

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