Monday, 11 February 2013

MUA New Undress You Too palette! First impressions and swatches! ^^

Hey everyone! Let me start this post by saying I LOVE Make Up Academy! The brand is so cheap and amazing quality, I own quite a few products and was SO excited to get this palette :D I have the Undressed and Heaven and Earth palettes which I adore! Enough of that...on with the review ^^

Unlike the other MUA palettes the casing of this one is white. I really like it because it looks quite sleek and classy, however the only disadvantage of white may be that it gets dirty quickly- I'll have to update you about how it looks after a few good weeks of use :)

The palette is often considered a dupe for the much-loved Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, their Undressed Palette being a dupe for the Naked Palette. I don't own an Urban Decay palettes so I can't comment on that, however, there are lots of comparisons on the internet you can check out. 

A great example I found is from "The Black Pearl Blog"

 The only thing that slightly annoyed me about the MUA palettes are the lack of shade names (I don't really know why, but the names are always so lovely ^^). This one, however, PROVIDES SHADE NAMES! YAYYYYY!! They are really cute, if you can't be bothered to look they are-

Naked (Coincidence? ;D)
and Corrupt

They are pretty good names, most are relevant to the shades and others are just pretty :)

Naked- A lovely cream matte shade, this would act as a great base for looks or as a simple flush of colour for those "No make-up" looks. It has no shimmer and is quite sheer.

Devotion- This is a gorgeous orange based bronze. It the finish is very metallic and has a frosty sheen, it also has hues of red.

Shy- A beautiful pearl coloured cream which looks pink based in the pan but I would say is more yellow/gold on application. It has a great creamy, shiny finish which would be amazing as a highlighter for the inner corners of the eye or browbone.

Fiery-  This is a really pretty rose gold coloured shimmer with undertones of brown, probably one of my favourites in the collection. It is very pigmented with a gold shimmery finish.

Lavish- Another of my favourites, purely because I'm addicted to taupe brown eyeshadows :) This is lovely matte creamy taupe brown shadow which isn't as pigmented as the shimmers (sad face) but is still pretty good with some eye primer.

Dreamy- A more copper coloured bronze, which is also very creamy and has undertones of pink and gold, with gold shimmer.

Tranquil- A stunning light brown shimmer which more a silver finish. It is also slightly pinkish in colour.

Exposed- Definitely one of my favourite EVER MUA eyeshadow shades. An amazing grey frosty colour with silver shimmer and pretty purple undertones.

Reveal- Another favourite, a lovely slightly pink light grey with a silver shimmery finish. This shade and exposed with DEFINITELY be featured in a look I do soon (spoiler alert ^^).

Wink- Another bronzey colour except a lot more pinky. The finish is like a dark rose gold with added brown.

Obsessed- A simple dark plummy brown with a slight silver sparkle (no way near as intense as the others)

And finally Corrupt- The black. Compared to MUA's previous blacks this one is almost matte, with a slight silver sheen- very pretty and very blendable, making a smoky look easy to achieve.

Now for the swatches-

In daylight with a thin layer of MUA professional eye primer

In artificial light (same as above with the primer)
As you can see the pigmentation varies quite widely between the shades, the only one that isn't great Naked that you can hardly see on the swatch.

Overall I love the palette but I'll have to wait til I use them to create a look (I'll post a few soon) until I can give you a proper review. The shades are great- from neutrals to darks. I only wish MUA would make the pigmentation of their mattes better, as they really are lovely. The best part? This AMAZING palette costs a mere £4!!!! An essential for any MUA/budget-beauty lover!

Lots of love, Laura xx


  1. I'll answer all comments so feel free! If you follow me I'll make such to check out your blog ^^ lots of love xx

  2. I love MUA products, I've got the MUA undressed palette and I couldnt live without it! Great post :) xx

    I'm new to this, I'd really appreciate if you gave my blog a look and maybe follow? :) im currently in the process of starting out so theres not alot on there though!

    1. Thank you! They really are amazing :D I'll check our your blog, thank you so much for following me ^^ (I started not that long ago as well so I know how you feel) x

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  4. What!! How did I miss this release, I love my MUA naked dupe. I have to have this!! Nice review, you've made my day by telling me about this haha.


  5. I can't wait to buy this palette this weekend and give it a try, it's fab that there are some matte shades in there, as I have the Heaven and Earth palette which I love but it could be amazing if it had matte shades in it. I've just stumbled across your blog after seeing your comment on Beauty Rambles, now following. I'd love it if you could take a look at mine xxx

    1. You're bound to love it! I do wish there was more of a balance between mattes and shimmers in the MUA palettes too, I prefer mattes. Thank you for looking at my blog and following, I'll make sure to check your's out :) x


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