Sunday, 26 May 2013

FashionistA Custom Design Palette: Sultry, Golden Dragon, Bella, & Butterscotch- Review and Swatches

Hey everyone!

I am soooooo excited to share my latest beauty purchase with you.
I have wanted one of the FashionistA palette for absolutely ages- it was one of those things I always said I'd buy next time I went to Superdrug, but I never would.

I saw that FashionistA were having a sale in which you could fill a quad palette with any of their many (around 50 I think) eyeshadows/blushes for £10. Considering the single eyeshadow/blushes are £4 and the palette is £5, that's a saving of £11 for this palette. AMAZING!!!!

I got the red palette, black is also avaliable, it looks so sleek and feels really sturdy- it definitely feels like it's worth a lot more than a fiver!

The eyeshadows/blush come separately in these dinky black containers, which, will less glamorous than the palette, still feel really sturdy and quite expensive.

The containers don't come with a mirror, but a little window so the shade can be easily viewed.

The eyeshadow pops out of the container like shown above ^^

Each of the eyeshadows are wuite large, you get 2.5g of product which is more than companies like MAC provide. I have included the 10p above to show a size comparision.

Anyway...onto the shades

The colours I got were (clockwise from the top left)-
- Bella (eyeshadow)
- Sultry (eyeshadow)
- Butterscotch (blush)
- Golden Dragon (eyeshadow)


How gorgeous is this shade?! I was intending on getting two blush and two eyeshadow but I saw this and just HAD to have it. This would be the perfect highlight for the inner corners/tear duct area of my eyes, to make them brighter ^^

Look at that gold! It's stunning! 

I love this colour so much! It's a beautiful metallic marron, purple toned eyeshadow. It's not too sparkly and oh-so-creamy feeling. This color will be perfect for winter/autumn or any party looks ^^


I was actually intending on getting the "New York" blush, but it was sold out (next time it will be mine). It isn't at all chalky, it isn't sheer, but it isn't overly pigmented (which usually results in the infamous "clown" look). This is a really nice, natural pink blush with quite peachy undertones- a lot more than you would expect from looking at the pan. I really like this! It's perfect for my pale complexion ^^

Golden Dragon 

For some reason I was drawn to this shade, despite the fact I never really wear greens, but it's just so pretty! It was literally love and first swatch. This shade is also really creamy and the gold makes the green really flattering. Another stunner!


Holy pigment, these really do have a lovely colour pay-off and the colours are so flattering! They have a gorgeous shine to them and the application is so creamy (I feel like the adjective "buttery" is appropriate here)

I'm going to have so much fun with these and I will definitely be buying more. They are fabulous quality and so inexpensive, with the offers that always seem to be avaliable in this range.

You can only seem to get the "quad palette for £10" offer in Superdrug stores, however, you can view the range here.

I'll be uploading some FOTD's featuring this palette in the near future.

Lots of love, Laura xx

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