Sunday, 19 May 2013

Skincare Sundays #1- Oily/Combination Skin

Hey everyone! 
So, I've decided to do a new segment on my blog which is "skincare sundays" where I focus on a specific skincare issue every week and offer my advice/recommendations etc.

Today, we're looking at battling oily/combination skin.
I'm kind of an expert (not really) when it comes to dealing with oily skin as I've had it for as long as I can remember.

Oily skin is a difficult thing to deal with as it can really knock your confidence when you look at your make-up at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and see it's slipped off your face, it can also feel really uncomfortable.

My advice
1. People say it all the time but it really does make a difference if you don't touch your face. Yes, I know it's tempting, but it really does help, it also prevents breakouts!

2. Do not think that using moisturiser will make it worse. Your skin is producing oil due to the lack of it on your face so, if anything, you should try and moisturise more. Make sure you use a light, oil-free, cream in the morning and before bed.

The night treatment gel
3. When it comes to skincare, I find that any cleansing/toning products that contain tea tree and/or witch hazel are really good for calming and mattifying your face. If your face is really oily then foam cleansers are the way to go, I was recommend this one from the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Collection, as well as the night treament gel which prevents your skin feeling really oily and horrible when you wake up, as well combatting breakouts really well :D I also love their face wipes for travelling ^^

4. When it comes to make-up, primers and powder are your best friend. People often say that cream foundations are better for oily skin, but I never see a difference in using cream or liquid (I prefer liquid as it not as heavy). It's a good idea to carry powder with you during the day for touch-ups.

My recommmendations

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder in Translucent-  
This powder is amazing for keeping my face matte. It doesn't last amazingly long but a lot longer than anything else I've tried. Seriously, this is a cult favourite for oily lasses in the blogosphere.

2. Nivea Expression Hydration Primer for Combination/Oily skin- 
This primer is brilliant at creating a smooth base for a flawless foundation application. It's moisturising as well which is always an added bonus. Nivea also do a version for dry/normal skin. I love this primer so much, I really think this helps to make my foundation last longer and it really helps to control my oily complexion.

3. Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
This is another brilliant product, like the powder, which gives my skin a quick mattifying fix. This is lovely in the summer as well as it is so refreshing!

My Oily Skin Saviour

Every since I've used this Boots Skin Clear Oil Free Mattifying Lotion my complexion has been so much more managable, and noticably less oily. 

This is literally the liquid gold of oil control. If you have really oily skin like I did, you must buy this!! Within a week of using it before applying my makeup, I didn't need to use it anymore. What are you waiting for?? It's so cheap and so amazing! Buy it!

I hope you liked this post and that you found it useful. Be sure to come back next time ^^

Lots of love, Laura xx

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