Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Review: MUA Lipstick Shade 4

Hey everyone! 

I have a review for you all today ^^

This is the lipstick I used in my Hayley William's "Still into You" tutorial ^^ You can check that out here.
Swatch :3

 I've been wearing this lipstick a lot lately and it's gorgeous! So gorgeous that I just had to show it to you all ^^

This lipstick is so goddamn creamy, it glides on the lips and feels so moisturising. It's lovely to wear.

When I first opened it I was terrified by the colour, the brightest most garish lipstick I have ever seen, but it's actually really sheer and gives more of a glossy pink tint to the lips, which I really like.

Like all Make Up Academy lipsticks this smells very vanillary but the scent really can't be smelt after application. I don't really mind it, but others may have an issue with it.

I adore this lipstick and it really can't be beaten for the price- a mere £1. But, honestly, who hasn't heard of these lippies by now?? They are amazing quality for the price, so, if you haven't tried them, go and get them!

On the lips 

In sunlight

Just thought this looked pretty with the glare from the sun. :3

MUA Lipstick in Shade 4 can be bought in Superdrug or here for £1.
Lots of love, Laura xx

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