Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"Because it's only concrete and cars, it's only sirens and missing stars"- My trip to London

Hey everyone! Yesterday my friends (Katy x3- yes I am friends with 3 Katys- and Siobhan) took a day trip into Central London and I thought I'd share some pics with you. We went EVERWHERE, I took some many pictures but managed to narrow it down to 25 of my favourites ^^. Enjoy!

Waterloo Station :)


"Elementary. my dear Watson"

Some pictures from inside the house of Detective Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson ^^

My nan has those elephants xD

King's Cross Station ^^

Fan's of "Sherlock" should recognise this! D':

THE FEELS D': (These messages were written across the windows on the WHOLE SIDE of the building)

My message- written on a McDonald's napkin (classy ^^)

These message have come from places as far away as Germany and Sweden etc.!


The Old Bailey :)

The embankment ^^

I had such a great day with my friends. We went practically everywhere in central London- I was exhausted xD. I didn't buy much as we were there to sightsee (not shop), however I did drag my friends to Covent Garden where I had cheeky look in the (HUGE) Lush store. I purchased some of their Hair Henna in Caca Marron. I've wanted to try this for SO LONG and saw it, got talking to the assistant about it, and was finally tempted into getting it. I'll be posting on here about the process and the result (before/after) and my thoughts on it during the holidays. I'm so excited! 

I hope you liked these pictures and that you had a great easter! (Someone got 4 easter eggs xD I've already eaten 2...I need to pace myself O.O)

Lots of love, Laura xx

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