Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Favourites ^^

Hey everyone! So today I'm going to be posting my favourite beauty/skincare/general items of this past month. Enjoy :)

1. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment- £4.75
2. Lush "No Drought" Dry Shampoo- £6.50
3. Maybelline Expression Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in "Permanent Taupe"- £4.99 
4. "She's so...Jetset!" Set by Benefit- I think around £23.50- It was a limited edition set by can probably be found on amazon or ebay.
5. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub- £5.25
6. Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry- £1.99
7. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint in Rose Pink- £10
8. NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer- £3.49
9. Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner- £1.99
10. Nivea Creme- £3.39- So great for moisturising my dry post-winter hands
11. Lush Jungle Conditioner- £2.95

The Make-Up ^^

From left to right-
  • "She's so...Jetset!" Set by Benefit- I got this set for Christmas last year and I have been using it A LOT lately. The set contains a mix of products for eyes, cheeks, lips and face, which makes it a really nifty set to have. This is my first Benefit set and I hadn't used any of the products inside before- it includes a mini POREfessional, 4 eyeshadows, mini They're Real...Mascara, a pink lipgloss, and a pink/peach blush/highlight duo with a square fluffy applicator- therefore this is great for those who want to experience a variety of Benefit products. I LOVE the eyeshadows, the blush, the mascara, and the POREfessional primer- I've been using the eyeshadows everyday. They all feel so glamorous ^^.
  • Maybelline Expression Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in "Permanent Taupe"- Such a gorgeous taupe cream eyeshadow. This is my eyeshadow staple, a lovely nature base that I'll wear alone or as a base. If you don't know already...I LOVE TAUPES.
  • Natural Collection Lipstick in "Raspberry"- This is such a lovely pink raspberry (funny that xD) lipstick. I got this last summer and wore it all the time. It's so cheap but so smooth and creamy, as well as a really flattering, bright collection. Perfect for spring/summer!
  • The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint in "Rose Pink"- I use this mostly on my cheeks which gives a stunning pink flush of colour, so pretty! It is also lovely on the lips as a stain.
  • Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner- Another winner from the Boots Natural Collection make-up range! The colour is actually jet black (and actually stays put!) with an applicator that is really thin and easy to apply. I will definitely be re-purchasing this when it runs out. 
  • NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer- It's taken a while for me to fall in love with this, but I've finally got there. I've been using this as an all-over primer under foundation which gives a nice glowing (almost dewy) finish, but I also use it sometimes as a liquid highlighter. It's gorgeous used either way and so affordable! Plus it makes my make up last ages, even on my oily skin ^^


1. Permanent Taupe cream eyeshadow 2. Raspberry Lipstick 3. Natural Collection eyeliner 4. Body Shop Lip and cheeck stain 5. NYC primer
"She's so...Jetset!" Set by Benefit

From left to right-

  •  Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub- This has been a favourite of mine for ages! My lips love it and it tastes divine. Plus it lasts a very long time- definitely a great purchase :)
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment- An absolute SAVIOUR for my terribly weak nails. They feel strong and healthy and I can really see that they are growing.
  • Lush "No Drought" Dry Shampoo- You know those days when you wake up to have a shower before school/work and just feel like getting an extra 15 minutes in bed? Yeah, this is great for those days. The citrus scent leaves my hair smelling fresh, non-greasy, and doesn't leave that dreaded white tint to your hair.
  •  Lush Jungle Conditioner- I got this for my birthday last year and I've only just rediscovered it. And THANK GOD. I'd forgotten how amazing it leaves my hair! They've redesigned the look of this and it's under £3! For how many washes you get out of it, it's an absolute bargain!!
I hope you liked my first EVER favourites post!
If you have done one this month please put a link for it in the comments- I love reading them ^^
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Lots of love, Laura xx

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