Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Diary of a Student #1

I don't really know what I'm going to put here but I just wanted somewhere to post my thoughts. I haven't given much consideration as to whether anyone will listen, I don't really mind if you're reading this or if you've just pressed "back" thinking "This isn't what I wanted to see -_-'". This is my life, take it or leave it, and I am here to say whatever I feel needs to be said.

My name is Laura, I'm 16 (almost 17) and I am in the lower sixth at secondary school and just about to sit my AS level exams. It's funny how when you sit your G.C.S.E.'s you freak out because you think they are the most important thing in the world. Didn't anyone else? Well, I wrong was I. In the scheme of things, GCSE's mean nothing- let's face it. As long as you don't get 12 E's then you're pretty much set to get to the next stage in life...A levels. How are you supposed to mentally prepare yourself for something as scary as that?!? ANSWER- You can't. Nothing could have prepared me for how much things changed. The number of times my parents, teachers, older students, warned me about how different life would be when I started A levels is ridiculous, an unthinkable numbers of times. Did I believe them? NOPE. There was 15-year-old-me strutting around thinking "What the hell you talking about bruv?! I ain't got nufin to worry 'bout". Well...I don't talk like was for comedic value xD If you are doing your GCSE's and reading this, LISTEN to those people and work hard, eat your greens, and make sure you're in bed by nine!! And get off that computer of yours, you'll make your eyes turn square (sorry...I must have turned into my nan).

So, what can you get out of that rant? I'm terrified. I don't want to fail, I have too many people to disappoint if I don't do well. If you're thinking "get off your blog then and revise!", I do revise, ok? The Easter holidays are upon us and I will be doing nothing but practice questions and revising from textbooks that make me feel suicidal when I read them. I went to a university "fair-of-sorts" the other day and picked up around 50 prospectuses for all kinds of universities. I really want to do english, I do literature and language at A level, perhaps a joint honours degree with creative writing...what do I do with my life??? xD

I'll leave you with those thoughts. I hope you come back again. Until then, check out this video of random cartoons that create're welcome ^^

I hope you enjoyed reading my rambles. Please follow my blog to read more and look at my reviews/tutorials/raves/rants/wants/baking etc. Next time will be more light-hearted, I promise, I'm just feeling a bit down at the moment.

Lots of love and happiness and pie-flavoured pies, Laura

P.S. I like trains...

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